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Homeopathic Natural Formulas For Animals

Homeopathic formulas have no smell nor taste to them.  Are available in the form of tiny poppy pills, granules, tablets or in clear liquid (which will have alcohol added to it as a preservative).  The most important thing to remember is that it is not the amount of liquid or pills given each time but rather the frequency (repeats) of homeopathic dosing given.  Less time between each dose will give a quick response in acute stress.  How many pills or drops given each time is less important than the frequency of repeat dosing.  For example, whether a dose of homeopathic formula is given as one or one hundred pills, tablets or drops this is still considered one (1) dose.

Note: It is not the amount given at one time but the frequency of repeats that is the important factor for faster response.

DOSING using tiny PILLS (or tablets)

A dose: approx. 1 to 2 tiny white pills (can crush) and put in gum or pouch of mouth for the saliva to absorb (no need to open pets mouth).  If using homeopathic tissue salts large tablets always crush first.  Alternatively, you can stir a couple of pills or crush tablets into the water bowl, trough or food. Usually, the white pills or tablets are more suitable for the medium or larger animals as they have larger mouths, making it easier to administer orally.

DOSING using Homeopathic LIQUID.

If you were supplied homeopathic liquid, then alcohol would be added to preserve the formula. Therefore avoid dosing orally.

A dose: approx. three to four drops. Applied to body – skin.  E.g. back of shoulders on the body (part fur, wet skin with drops, release fur, pat area). We suggest dosing on the body when you see acute symptoms with frequency of repeat dosing needed. If causal or chronic that does not need so frequent dosing we can add the dose to meals, and put in animals or pet water bowl or trough once a week. (Does not matter if other animals share water trough or bowl – only the ones that need it will benefit from it)

Dosing orally – (if free from alcohol) you can make up an alcohol-free liquid dose – using one pill from your bottle and combined with filtered water. Stir gently for a minute.

You can use this for all species … BIRDS AND FARM ANIMALS.   

If you received homeopathic PILLS, then you can make the pills into a LIQUID for easier dosing.    

When do I need to do frequent dosing for my pet?

ANY TIME your pet is showing acute symptoms and /or stress. Give the selected formula more frequently. “FREQUENT” dosing will give fast results e.g. a dose every 5 minutes, usually after the third repeat you will see the difference in your pet.

How to make a homeopathic “liquid formula” from a homeopathic pill.

1.   One dose – put 1 pill (or a pinch of granules) into an empty clean cup or small bottle or oral syringe. You can add as much filtered (or previously boiled water). E.g. 1 cup of water or less. Or draw up the liquid with 1 pill in an oral syringe and shake for 1 minute. Then depending on the size of species give them a dose, which can mean a few drops to 10cc/ml orally as one dose, repeating as often as needed to see results.  Make up a new batch when running out. Only mix this small amount as required, as homeopathic do not store well for any longer than 2 weeks when mixed with water. (Granules can be identified as resembling grains of sand)

2. Then gently succuss (bang) the bottle (or syringe/container) against your palm or a book for approximately a minimum 50 times. If using an open container, stir in well for 1 minute.  

Note:  Pills or granules will not completely dissolve, but the formula will be released into the liquid on contact. Draw liquid into the syringe and use it with your animal. It can be administered as a short squirt orally (into the side of mouth or lip) OR by putting several drops onto the body (usually on the back of the neck or the head).  For longer-term or chronic conditions, it can be added to meals and filtered water bowl each time you change it.  It is not the amount given each time that matters so much, but rather the frequency the formula is given throughout the day.

Herbal liquid for animals (brown liquid, strong tasting)

Herbal mixtures supplied are offered in liquid formulas only.  Naturopathic Practitioner-grade of the highest quality.

Herbs have a strong smell and taste, compared to homeopathic formulas (no smell or taste, as clear liquid or white pills).  If you buy herbs, the best form is as a liquid or dry leaf (make a tea), as liquid herbs work faster.  Herbal tablets need to be crushed and given in food, which is then processed through the stomach.  This is far less effective and you would need more herbal tablets to get the same quick results as you get with liquid herbal dosing.  Refer to the bottle for the frequency of repeat dosing during the day. 

NOTE: always dilute herbal formulas before giving to pets/animals.

Add to food or dilute in some tasty liquid.

Cat, Rabbit, Bird other small animals:   must dilute in some hot water first to dissolve alcohol content.  Either add 50ml of hot water first or 1/2 a cup to a cup of hot water. The fewer herbs you are using the less hot water is needed.

See bottle for guidance on how much herbs to add to hot water.

Small to Med – Med to Large dog:  mix herbs in food and hand feed small pieces at a time, and then feed as normal.  Have several tins of sardines in spring water and mash up and add herbal drops plus any vitamins and supplements you also want to give (crush tablets) and hand feed it or offer as a small meal.  Repeat mixture twice a day as suggested on the bottle label.

Horse/farm animals: add drops to food or into a piece of carrot, or in some apple JUICE and hand-feed or orally syringe herbs this way. Unless you have a supply of dry herbs, you can add with feed.


Alternatively, you can dilute herbs in some fluid, such as slippery elm powder mixed up with lots of filtered water and add herbs and supplements to this.  Oral syringe inside of mouth until all mixture is gone.

Small animals (e.g. cat, rabbit, toy dog, infant animals) Try mixing some herbal drops into some pink salmon juice and offer in a bowl or make a slippery elm powder water mix and oral syringe… slowly squirt small amounts until the recommend dose is given.


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