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Kidney Disease

Natural “Kidney Support Formulas”

Loss of appetite, vomiting, lethargic, mouth ulcers,

Kidney, liver, heart function, protein in the urine.

Albumin, anemia red blood cell

SubQ fluids also help CREATININE & BUN levels.

Set of 6

Natural “Kidney Support Formulas”

  1. RenoAid 19-1 50ml *high Creatinine-BUN
  2. Acute Nephritis 19-2 30ml *Inflamed Kidneys
  3. PotassAid 19-3 50ml
  4. Anemia 19-4 50ml
  5. KidVita 19-5 100ml
  6. Fluid Circulation Balance 19-6 50ml


Additional formulas that may be needed:
Proteinuria Herb 19-7 (A) 50ml
Proteinuria Herb 19-7 (B) 100ml
Microbial Kidney Infection (herbal) 19-8 50ml
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