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  • Chronic Constipation health support for all species
  • Bladder infection or Interstitial Cystitis (bladder inflammation) - licking genitals, dribbling urine (with or without traces of blood seen in...
  • 41 types of grass, pollen, mold, plants, pollen of various grasses, weeds, flowers, trees
  • Acute-Chronic Renal failure (high creatinine), Kidney Dysplasia, Acute Nephritis (inflammation) Fanconi syndrome - all species
  • Antibiotics, prednisone etc - past or present pet drug and products use
  • $USD31.15$USD53.26
  • Homeopathic Paralysis Tick, Lyme¬† e.g. ticks in general, as well for Australian tick paralysis (Ixodes Holocuclus).
  • Sensitive or scared pet or animal.
  • Vaccine Detox
  • $USD35.24$USD53.43
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